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LED Light Box Displays

Get the wow factor with our outstanding range of LED light display boxes. Fitted with either front snap or side snap halo frames, our light boxes are elegant in design yet quick and easy when it comes to changing the graphics. Three times brighter than most edge-lit light boxes, Creative Display’s innovative EvenBright Backlit LED light box range sets the standard when it comes to retail lighting.

The unique and distinctive EvenBright display light box features a clever design with a dense array of LED’s behind the entire graphic panel, producing brilliant, even light. EvenBright light boxes have a stylish low profile, with elegant front borders that are the thinnest on the market. Our NZ-made display boxes can be crafted specifically to meet your exacting requirements, with a quick turn-around time.

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Our display stands have all been designed for purpose by Creative Displays, and have always been manufactured to highest standards of quality.


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