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EvenBright Features

1. Cutting Edge Visual Presentation

At a time when consumers demand unique experiences with brands, lighting remains one of the most critical elements of a brand’s visual presentation. LEDs started a revolution in retail lighting, and Creative Displays are leading the way with the innovative EvenBright Backlit Light Box range.

2. Brightest and most Eye-Catching

EvenBright light boxes stand out because of their ability to provide up to 14,000 surface Lux. This extra brightness is critical in any environment with moderate to high ambient lighting where your graphics are competing with other illuminated signage or outdoor light. Where light levels need to be adapted to changing ambient conditions, we can provide manual or automatic dimming. EvenBright light boxes are 3 x brighter than most edge lit light boxes and twice as bright as the ‘high brightness’ version.

3. Brilliant, Even Light

The secret of EvenBright is in the unique design of the LED strips which provide a dense array of LEDs behind the whole graphic panel, ensuring a strong and evenly distributed light. Edge lit light boxes mostly work well up to A3 size, but beyond this, will often display a poorly lit, greyish patch in the centre.

4. Lowest Profile Backlit Light Box

EvenBright packs its performance in a frame with an overall thickness of only 36mm for the FrontSnap frame and 40mm for the SideSnap frame, compared to 90mm+ for the older design back lit light boxes.

5. Elegant, Thin Front Borders

The EvenBright SideSnap front profile is only 10mm, the thinnest on the market and provides an elegant frame for any graphic. EvenBright light boxes illuminate the graphic from behind which permits a slim front border. Older edge lit light boxes have to hide the glow of the LED’s at the edges with wide front borders which detract from the graphic, aesthetic and design.

6. NZ made-custom sizes & finishes-short lead times

Creative Displays can tailor a light box solution specifically suited to your requirements. We are not confined to standard paper sizes from AO to A4. We can create custom sizes and finishes to suit your needs. We can ensure rapid delivery because we do not have to wait for panels or components to be made overseas.

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