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The most versatile Slatwall, available in any pitch and any dimension, in portrait or landscape orientation.
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Slatwall - we call ours Displaywall

Because of the way Displaywall is produced, you are not limited in what you can have. You can have grooves running the length or the width of the board. You can have any groove distance (or pitch) you like, as well as all the standard distances (50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300). You can have grooves without inserts or have inserts in aluminium: mill finish, powder coated or anodised. You can have Displaywall made in plain MDF (paint ready), Melamine, Prime, Melteca or Panelart colours. We can paint it for you in any colour. You can also have it in plywood or in 25 or 30mm MDF or melamine.

Because of the design of Displaywall’s aluminium insert and the way it grips the panel, our slatwall is stronger than others on the market.

Display Wall


The standard board substrate for Displaywall is MDF (medium density fibreboard) plain, or with a melamine finish. The Melamine finish can be on just one side or both sides of the panel. The single sided version is recommended only when the panel is screwed to the wall and cannot warp.


Normal panel thickness is 18mm and maximum panel size is 2440 x 1220mm. Grooves can run across the width or the length of the panel. The maximum groove length (in the length of the board) is limited to 2440mm.

Paint finish:

Our standard paint finish is two pot acid catalysed lacquer.


The workhorse of vertical displays!
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Thickness from 18mm
  • Can be combined with wall channel

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Great with very tight deadlines, designed, built and painted a display and delivered it to Melbourne within 2 days of me asking for it.

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