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The most versatile Slatwall, available in any pitch and any dimension, in portrait or landscape orientation.
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Commonly Stocked Panels

Finished panels carried in stock

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Commonly stocked Melamine colours and finishes

(all single and double sided)

Lead Times for Displaywall

Creative Displays can supply some common Displaywall finished panels ex stock, see above for a list. Small orders are normally turned around in  3 - 4 days.

Lead-times for large orders are normally between 7 and 10 working days. Lead times for urgent orders depend on factory loading on the day, please ring Tim at our sales office on 09 577 4550.

A significant influence on lead time is the availability of board. See above for our Commonly Stocked Panels and thier colours and finishes. If the board you require is not available ex-stock from our suppliers, delays of 5-10 working days can be experienced.

Transport delays

Once we know the availability of the board, we can generally give you an exact date that your Displaywall will be run. However, transport can prove a major source of delivery delay. We work with a number of different carriers to try and achieve the best possible delivery time for you.


Around Auckland we prefer to use furniture movers, which avoids the need for packing. It is sometimes necessary to pack the panels to achieve quicker delivery. Outside Auckland we generally pack Displaywall panels. An extra charge applies for packing.

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