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Displaywall - Installation Guide


We recommend that you use Creative Displays’ trim-to-size service to minimise the amount of on-site cutting.

Displaywall should be handled with care to avoid edge damage. Do not stand the sheets on their edge at any time prior to installation.

Displaywall should be installed and fixed to studs or solid wall battens at 600 centres by fixing down each edge of the sheet and down the centre of the sheet. Sheets can be edge butted tightly and neatly together. Sheets must be joined over a stud or batten. Sheet jointers are not necessary and should only be used to achieve a special effect.

Wall preparation

Concrete Walls

Vertical battens should be fitted to these walls at 600mm centres. We recommend that 75 x 50 pine battens be used and be fixed to the wall at 600 centres using dynabolts or ramset concrete anchors. A dampcourse should be used between the concrete wall and the battens. Use dry frame timber only.

Stud walls

These should have studs at 600mm centres. If a building code requires studs at 400 centres that is acceptable. (screw at 400mm horizonalty) It is not necessary to nog along the bottom and top of the sheets.

Setting sheets out on the wall

It is important to survey the site to find out the highest point on the floor and to ensure that you do not position Displaywall sheets below this level otherwise it will necessitate scribing all sheets to the floor during installation. Sheets should always be installed with a minimum of 10mm clearance off the floor to avoid moisture damage from the floor. Panels should only be installed onto kiln dried timber or timber that has been certified to have a moisture content suitable for interior lining.

It is important that the initial panels are plumbed level as any rise and fall as you progress along the wall can not be corrected by lowering the next sheet to install. If this is done the grooves will not line up. On a long wall it is best to start your installation at the middle and work out to each end thereby minimising the amount of rise and fall error.

Displaywall installation


Displaywall should be screw fixed to the wall by fixing down each vertical edge of the sheet at 300mm centres and down the centre of the sheet at 300mm centres. The recommended screws are 8 gauge x 1-inch (25mm) minimum, countersunk head, and ribbed sure fast screws when fixing directly onto studs or battens. If the wall is lined, increase the length of the screws. These screws should be screwed through the back of the groove behind the insert where possible to conceal all the fixings. Predrilling for screws is not necessary.

The only time it is necessary to screw through the face of the Displaywall panel or through the actual insert is on the last sheet being fitted into a closed corner. In this instance it is necessary to screw through either the face or the insert. Screwing through the face shall be done with 8 gauge x 1.5 inch countersunk, ribbed sure fast screws. The sheet will require predrilling prior to fitting screws. To screw through the insert we recommend 7 gauge x 1-inch mush head or low pan head screws. It will also be necessary to drill through the insert prior to fitting these screws.

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