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Slimline is the name of our narrow aluminium framing system. The frame extrusion is half the area of traditional framing.
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Slimline - Glass Display Cabinets

Since the launch of our unique Slimline glass and aluminium display cabinet system we have helped discerning clients find the edge over their competitors. Our quality Slimline display cabinets, based on advanced technology from a leading European design, features framing that is much thinner than standard framing. This ensures your customers see less of the display cabinet and more of what you are trying to sell.

Unlike the more traditional rectangular shape, Slimline’s glass and aluminium display cabinet framing can also be curved. This gives you greater flexibility during the design process, and the distinctive Slimline appearance will give your display cabinets a visually distinctive appearance. All of our standard showcases have been crafted to set the industry benchmark with toughened glass for extra safety, and hinged doors that are fitted with door seals to keep dust out and reduce the amount of cleaning required.

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